The UK is planning substantial investment in its built environment, with annual output forecast to rise by £5bn to £144bn by 2019, driven by huge demand for housing and infrastructure. But this demand must be met against a backdrop of striking political and economic change.

Delegates have the choice of two programmes to address the biggest concerns and opportunities that are facing construction:

Building Live

Shaping the UK’s future built environment - a chance for change

The main stream of the Building Live conference will focus on the major areas of demand in the UK’s built environment, and how these are being impacted by the current economic and political climate. It will give business leaders a deeper insight into the challenges faced and opportunities on offer, and provide a platform for high level debate over how the industry can help the UK as a whole create a built environment that works for this and future generations.

Digitising Construction

BIM, offsite and transforming built environment productivity

The construction industry is noted for its poor productivity and inefficiency. It lags behind other industries with projects and costs often overrunning. A key problem is the industry is highly fragmented with project teams often working in isolation on projects then moving on.  This fragmentation leads to inefficiency and holds back innovation.

Labour shortages and the risks from Brexit means achieving the government’s 2025 productivity goals will be impossible without establishing new ways of working. BIM and digital construction processes coupled with offsite manufacturing are a key part of the solution.

Why attend Building Live?