Housing: It’s the UK’s biggest crisis – so are we making progress?

Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am

Date: 28 November

Theatre: LIVE 2017


The industry needs to build an estimated 200,000 homes a year to meet demand, around 70,000 more than the current average. Meanwhile, an affordability crisis has seen the average price of first time homes rise by 12% over the past year. In response, the industry is investing in offsite technologies and private rented accommodation, while the government has promised a new generation of council house building. But how much progress is being made?


  • Susan Emmett Head of Housing and Urban Regeneration - Policy Exchange
  • Duncan Cumberland Residential Director - Muse Developments
  • Paul Morgan General Manager - Land, Homes and Communities Agency
  • Jamie Ratcliff Assistant Director - Housing, GLA


  • Joey Gardiner Contributing Editor - Building


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