John Gunstone


Max Fordham


“Buildings are agents of interaction. People interact with a building, which then interacts with the environment.

As a designer, I consider the interplay between all the design parameters of a building, to help create something that works and operates coherently.

It all starts with the brief – a straightforward brief doesn’t have to imply a straightforward solution. It simply identifies all the aspirations of the project that need fulfilling; it defines the boundaries. I investigate the brief until I understand exactly what and where those boundaries are. That allows me to work with creativity and freedom within them.

I like to design the building as if there are no electrical and mechanical systems – how can the architecture be optimised to make a naturally comfortable internal environment? When passive design is doing as much of the work as possible, only then do I add tech to maximise building performance. The result is lean, well-developed engineering that supports the architecture.

In addition to project work, I’m developing Max Fordham’s data science capabilities. My work focuses on automating common workflows, aggregating common construction data and developing data-storage containers (based on the Uniclass system) to store similar data.

Using methods borrowed from the data industries (Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Data-Mining and Visualisation), I’m demonstrating how automation methods can be used to both improve efficiency and quality of outputs as well as preparing information for machine learning analysis in building design.”

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